Brahmaputra River Cruises
The best time to cruise the Brahmaputra is from October to March which is the winter. Temperatures rarely go beyond 35°C and rainfall is less likely. Outside this period humidity shoots up and by June the monsoon season takes over bringing torrential rainfall.
The little visited Brahmaputra river is navigable through Bangladesh and the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam for about 800 miles from the sea as far as the city of Dibrugarh. There is much of interest here, whether for the naturalist or bird watcher or for the cultural traveller interested in Buddhist archaeology, Hindu temples, Islamic architecture or neo-classical colonial palaces.  

The Brahmaputra river originates on the on the northern side of the Himalayas in Tibet. The river passes through the Himalayas – this is where the deepest gorges on earth can be found – and onto the foothills of the Himalayas and onto Dibrugarh.


Between Dibrugarh and Lakhimpur districts the river divides into two channels which join again about 100 kilometres (62 miles) downstream forming the Majuli island, the largest river island in India. At Guwahati, near the ancient pilgrimage center of Hajo, the Brahmaputra cuts through the rocks of the Shillong Plateau. Covering nearly 300 miles, this stretch of the river through the Indian state of Assam has a number of national parks including the World Heritage Site at Kaziranga where you will find the world’s largest population of rhinocerus.


In Bangladesh, the Brahmaputra is joined by the Teesta River, below which the Brahmaputra splits into two branches. The western branch, which contains the majority of the river’s flow, continues due south as the Jamuna (Jomuna) to merge with the lower Ganges, called the Padma River. The eastern branch, formerly the larger but now much smaller, is called the lower or old Brahmaputra. It curves southeast to join the Meghna River near Dhaka. The Padma and Meghna converge near Chandpur and flow out into the Bay of Bengal. This final part of the river is called Meghna.

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