The Russian waterways is a wonderful way to take in the diverse beauty and culture of Russia’s waterways, between Moscow and St Petersburg.

The Russian waterways comprise of an intricate pattern of connecting rivers, canals and vast lakes. The key points along the waterways are bookended by the Russian capital, Moscow, and the country’s ‘window to the west’, St Petersburg.

The River Volga also flows southward from Moscow through the steppes of Russia to the Caspian Sea. River cruising is an easier way of exploring the timeless Russian countryside. Talk to us about securing Visas for this region.


The Volga is Europe’s longest river, rising in the Valdai Hills northwest of Moscow, it flows into the Caspian Sea, some 2,193 miles to the south. It is the the principal waterway of western Russia
The Moscow Canal connects the Moskva River with the main transportation artery of European Russia, the Volga River. It is located in Moscow itself and connects to the Moskva River and to the Volga River in the town of Dubna. Due to the Moscow Canal, Moscow has access to five seas: the White Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea, Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea.

Volga-Baltic Waterway

The system starts at Rybinsk, on the Volga River and the Rybinsk Reservoir, and goes northward by way of the Sheksna River and reservoir to Lake Beloye.


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